Printed Memories is a simple-to-use online service that creates postcards from uploaded digital photos for families and friends to send to someone in their lives affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Dementia is caused by physical diseases, most commonly Alzheimer’s, that stop the brain from functioning properly and prevent people from doing the things we take for granted. Early symptoms can include problems with memory and thinking, but as damage to the brain becomes more widespread, other functions such as our ability to walk, swallow and communicate can be affected. The impact ripples far beyond the person with dementia, touching whole families. People with dementia may become withdrawn and socially isolated, and it can be a challenge for families and loved ones to preserve the same sense of connection they once had to the person.

Printed Memories

Step By Step

Printed Memories aims to help reduce that sense of isolation, by providing a way for families and loved ones to share pictures and photographs with people affected by dementia. Photographs and mementos from throughout a person’s life can be a powerful reminder of the life they have lived and the people they love. Printed Memories helps keep those connections alive.

Alzheimers Research UK

The importance of preventing and treating non-communicable diseases is underlined within the United Nations Top 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

And with Printed Memories proceeds supporting Alzheimer’s Research, sending Printed Memories will not only help someone you love, but also helps in bringing about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025.